Adipurush Movie Review: A Grand Mythological Spectacle Blending Action and Emotion

Adipurush Movie Review: Adipurush, the highly anticipated Bollywood film directed by Om Raut, is a grand retelling of the epic Ramayana. Starring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Kriti Sanon in pivotal roles, the movie brings together mythology, action, and visual effects on an unprecedented scale. In this article, we will delve into the different aspects of the film, from its stunning visuals to its narrative shortcomings.

Adipurush Movie Review
Adipurush Movie Review

The Magnificent World of Adipurush Movie Review

Adipurush takes the audience on a visually captivating journey through ancient times. The sets, costumes, and overall production design transport viewers to the world of Ramayana with remarkable attention to detail. From grand palaces to lush forests, the film offers a feast for the eyes, immersing the audience in the mythological era.

Prabhas as Lord Rama: A Commanding Presence in Adipurush Movie

Prabhas delivers a commendable performance as Lord Rama, exuding charisma and strength. His portrayal captures the essence of the character, showcasing Rama’s virtues and determination to uphold righteousness. Prabhas’s commanding presence and physicality add depth to the role, making him a convincing choice for the legendary hero.

Saif Ali Khan’s Ravana: A Complex Antagonist in Adipurush Movie

Saif Ali Khan essays the role of Ravana, the formidable antagonist of the story. Khan brings a nuanced touch to the character, showcasing Ravana’s internal conflicts and layers of complexity. While his performance is commendable, the script fails to fully explore the depths of this iconic character, leaving some missed opportunities for character development.

Kriti Sanon’s Sita: A Limited Role in Adipurush flim

Kriti Sanon’s portrayal of Sita, the female lead, is unfortunately limited in scope. The character lacks agency and is primarily relegated to a damsel in distress, which underutilizes Sanon’s talent. With her limited screen time and dialogues, Sita becomes a mere plot device, unable to leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Visual Effects and Cinematography: A Treat for the Eyes

Adipurush sets a new benchmark for visual effects in Indian cinema. The larger-than-life battle sequences, mythical creatures, and mesmerizing landscapes are brought to life with stunning CGI. The cinematography further enhances the visual splendor, capturing the epic scale of the narrative with finesse.

Music and Background Score: Enhancing the Mythological Ambience

The music and background score of Adipurush successfully creates an immersive experience for the viewers. The soul-stirring melodies and powerful compositions add depth to the storytelling, evoking the desired emotions at crucial junctures. The use of traditional instruments and chants further enhances the mythological ambiance of the film.

The Script and Narrative: A Balancing Act

While Adipurush excels in its visual and technical aspects, the script and narrative leave room for improvement. The storytelling often feels disjointed, with certain sequences lacking coherence. The dialogues, although impactful at times, fall short of consistently capturing the essence of the characters and their emotions.

Pacing Issues and Length: A Test of Patience

The film’s pacing becomes a concern as the narrative progresses. Some sequences feel unnecessarily prolonged, resulting in a bloated runtime. The slow pacing can test the audience’s patience, affecting the overall viewing experience. Tighter editing and a more focused approach to storytelling could have resolved this issue.

Om Raut’s Directorial Vision: A Mixed Bag – Adipurush Movie Review

Om Raut, known for his directorial prowess in “Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior,” displays his visual storytelling skills once again in Adipurush. However, his vision seems more focused on the grandeur of the film rather than the emotional depth of the characters. While the scale and ambition of the project are commendable, a stronger narrative vision would have elevated the film further.

Audience Reception and Box Office Prospects

Adipurush has generated significant buzz and anticipation among audiences, thanks to its star-studded cast and the epic nature of the story. However, the film’s mixed reviews might impact its long-term box office prospects. While fans of Prabhas and mythological tales are likely to flock to theaters, the film’s narrative shortcomings might limit its appeal to a broader audience.

Adipurush is a visual extravaganza that showcases the grandeur of Indian mythology on a scale never seen before. With Prabhas leading the charge as Lord Rama and stunning visual effects, the film promises a captivating cinematic experience. However, its narrative execution falls short, with pacing issues and underdeveloped characters. Adipurush serves as a reminder that visuals alone cannot carry a film; a strong script and cohesive storytelling are equally crucial.


1. Is Adipurush a faithful adaptation of the Ramayana?

Adipurush takes creative liberties in its retelling of the Ramayana, deviating from certain traditional interpretations while maintaining the core essence of the epic.

2. How does Prabhas perform in Adipurush?

Prabhas delivers a powerful performance as Lord Rama, commanding the screen with his presence and portraying the virtues of the character admirably.

3. Does Adipurush have impressive visual effects?

Yes, Adipurush sets new benchmarks in Indian cinema with its stunning visual effects, creating a visually captivating world that immerses the audience in the mythological era.

4. Is Kriti Sanon’s role significant in the film?

Unfortunately, Kriti Sanon’s portrayal of Sita is limited in scope, with the character lacking agency and primarily serving as a plot device.

5. How does Adipurush compare to Om Raut’s previous film, “Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior”?

While Adipurush shares Om Raut’s grand vision and visual spectacle, it falls short in terms of narrative depth and emotional resonance compared to “Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior.”

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