Biden Criticizes Japan’s Immigration Policies in Fundraiser Speech


President Biden’s recent remarks during a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., have stirred controversy, as he criticized Japan’s immigration policies along with India, Russia, and China, labeling them as “xenophobic.”

President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden caused a stir during a fundraiser event in Washington, D.C., when he labeled Japan, along with India, Russia, and China, as “xenophobic” for their immigration policies. This statement, made just weeks after praising the US-Japan alliance at a state dinner, has sparked debates over international relations and immigration strategies.

In his off-camera speech, Biden suggested that embracing immigration would lead to better economic performance for these countries. He emphasized the role of immigrants in driving economic growth in the United States and implied that the reluctance of these nations to welcome immigrants was hindering their economic progress. While his comments initially excluded India, an official White House transcript later clarified his stance, including India in the list of countries deemed “xenophobic.”

The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, defended Biden’s remarks, stating that he was emphasizing America’s identity as a nation built by immigrants. She described the US-Japan relationship as crucial and enduring, despite the president’s critical remarks. However, she did not confirm whether similar statements would be made in the future, leaving it to the president’s discretion.

This isn’t the first time Biden has accused these countries of xenophobia. In a previous interview, he had made similar remarks about Japan, China, and Russia, suggesting a pattern in his views on immigration policies across the globe.

The timing of Biden’s criticism of Japan is notable, given recent efforts to strengthen ties with the country as a counterbalance to China’s influence in the region. His comments also coincide with domestic political pressure regarding immigration policies, highlighting the complexities of immigration debates both at home and abroad.

Japan has long grappled with demographic challenges and has been cautious about immigration as a solution. Biden’s remarks underscore the divergent approaches to immigration policy between the US and countries like Japan, where cultural and economic factors shape attitudes towards immigration.

As the story unfolds, it raises questions about the future of US-Japan relations and the broader implications of Biden’s diplomatic rhetoric on global politics and immigration policies.

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